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BotaPro Bota Bag fits any lifestyle. Bota is the Spanish term commonly used for wineskin or wine bag. Though we love the bota bag for wine, we designed BotaPro as an all-beverage sport bottle, which can be used as an everyday water, sports or social beverage bottle.

Secure & Reliable

BotaPro contours to the body and packs well. BotaPro has an adjustable strap for personalized comfort.

Personalized Colors

Let BotaPro fit within your lifestyle! Select from an array of colors and find the perfect BotaPro to match your needs.

Highest Quality Materials

BotaPro's inner bladder is made with high-quality HDPE plastic, is recyclable and BPA-free.

Where Do You BotaPro?

Please submit your pictures to to be included in our BotaPro adventure!

What Are You Waiting For?

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Founded by Kurt and Kelly Peterson with Brit and Christine Kindred, our company was inspired by the beautiful mountains of northeastern Arizona, on the White Mountain Apache reservation.